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Experience SCHMITT thinking big in the following videos
From the, McGraw Hill's Thinkers50, SAP Sapphire NOW, and The Daily Show
Vision and Focus
of ACI
      Happy Customers Everywhere Trailer
As executive director of ACI, SCHMITT discusses how their work can help you grow your business with Asian consumers.       Schmitt talk about the principles of making customers happy.
Financial Times 5      
The Financial Times
Online Business School
      Big Think:
Killing the Sacred Cows presents a 5-part lecture series on experiential marketing by Schmitt.       Want to create a big idea? Question the standard assumptions of your company and your industry.
Schmitt on The Thinkers 50       Big Think:
Outside Industry Benchmarking
McGraw Hill interviews Schmitt on Big Think Strategy, leadership, and the customer experience.       Don't forget to look outside your industry for ideas that could innovate your own business practices.
Daily Show      
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart       Big Think:
Sourcing Your Customers
SCHMITT explains how to create a new image for your brand on Comedy Central's The Daily Show.       Some of the best new ideas come from listening to your customers for insights.

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