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SCHMITT is a world authority in the areas of customer experience, global brands, and innovative strategy. In 1999, SCHMITT founded the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. The Center provides today's leaders with innovative branding solutions and a global perspective through a network of partner centers at leading schools in China, Germany, Korea, Spain, and Singapore.  Since 2011, SCHMITT is also the Executive Director of ACI—an institute in Singapore focused on Asian business and consumers.

SCHMITT is also a keynote speaker on customer experience management, customer happiness, branding, and innovative strategy (“Big Think”) worldwide and has consulted with numerous companies.


SCHMITT’s books on Experience, Brands and Innovative Strategy

SCHMITT's books are widely available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And in India at Friends of Books.

Customer Experience Management:
A Revolutionary Approach to Connecting with Your Customers

SCHMITT demonstrates how any organization can use customer experience management (CEM) to spur growth, increase revenues, and transform the company image and its brands.

This revolutionary guide introduces the five-step CEM process that you can use to connect with your customers at every touch-point.

  • Gain original insight into the customer's world
  • Develop an experiential strategy platform
  • Create a unique and vivid brand experience
  • Provide dynamic interactions at the customer interface
  • Innovate continuously to improve customers' lives

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Experiential Marketing:
How to Get Companies to Sense, Feel, Think, Act, and Relate to Your Company and Brands

SCHMITT's classic work that launched the experiential marketing revolution.

This book demonstrates how managers can create experiences for their customers through sensory, affective and creative associations as well as lifestyle and social identity campaigns.

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Big Think Strategy

Business leaders need bold strategies to compete. In Big Think Strategy, SCHMITT shows you how to bring bold thinking into business by sourcing big ideas and executing them. 

Drawing on years of advising corporate leaders on creativity and strategy development, SCHMITT explains how to bring fresh thinking into the planning process. With the tools and frameworks in this book, any leader can overcome “small think”—the inertia, risk-aversion, and narrow-mindedness that halt true innovation.

Tested by executives in a diverse range of industries, the ideas and tools presented in this book will help you harness creativity in your strategic planning process—and position your firm uniquely for success

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Handbook on Brand and Experience ManagementHandbook

(co-edited with David L. Rogers)

This book explores emerging research and new directions in practice around the concepts of brand equity, brand associations, brand personality, brand extensions, brand valuation. The book includes:

  • An overview of basic frameworks and concepts
  • New concepts such as brand attachment, brand permission, brand meaning, digital convergence, target group multiplicity, and the rise of experience economies
  • Empirical studies on consumer experiences, incidental brand exposure, and brand naming

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There's No Business That's Not Show Business:
Marketing in an Experience Culture

(co-authored with David L. Rogers and Karen Vrotsos)

How can smart companies use creativity, humor, and play to reach out and engage customers?

This book provides winning case studies and "show business" techniques that can be used to dazzle customers, launch products, build brands, generate buzz, and build great customer relationships. From road shows to street evangelism to multi-media theater and beyond, it offers a new generation of marketing that can work for every customer in every industry.

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Kundenerlebnis als Wettbewerbsvorteil
(Customer Experience as Competitive Advantage)

(co-authored with Marc Mangold)

Ready for something in German? Read on...

Es macht wirklich keinen Spaß, ein Kunde in Deutschland zu sein. Kaufhäuser sind zu Warenhausdeponien verkommen. Produkte sind nicht innovativ. Den Service kann man meist vergessen. Damit muss jetzt Schluss sein – so die provokante Forderung der Autoren. Nehmen Sie Ihre Kunden endlich ernst!

„Kundenerlebnis als Wettbewerbsvorteil“ präsentiert das von Bernd H. SCHMITT an der Columbia University entwickelte und in der Praxis erfolgreiche Kundenerlebnis-Modell. Es zeigt, wie Kunden Ihr Unternehmen wahrnehmen und wie Sie

  • innovative Angebot schaffen, die Kunden begeistern
  • Ihre Marke aus Kundensicht neu positionieren
  • alle Kontaktpunkte konsequent auf den Kunden ausrichten
  • mit dem Fünf-Stufen-Plan und ausgewählten Werkzeugen das Marken-Erlebnis nachhaltig verbessern

Fallbeispiele von Apple, Mini, O 2, Red Bull, Segafredo Zanetti, SevenOne Media und VW Golf GTI illustrieren, wie führende Unternehmen Kundenerlebnisse systematisch managen.

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Build Your Own Garage:
Blueprints and Tools to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Creativity

(co-authored with Laura Brown)

Is your company all bizz -- filled with professional managers, accountants, and financial planners who produce "smooth operations" but offer no customer savvy or soul?

Or is it all buzz -- filled with talk, hype, and the brainstorming of half-cooked ideas that often lead nowhere?

To capture the best of these dichotomous worlds, SCHMITT and accomplished business writer Laura Brown introduce a groundbreaking model of a creative organization they call "The Garage."

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Marketing Aesthetics:
The Strategic Management of Brands, Identity and Image

(co-authored with Alex Simonson)

Going beyond standard traditional approaches on branding, this fascinating book is the first to combine branding, identity, and image in order to show how aesthetics can be managed through logos, brochures, packages, and advertisements, as well as sounds, scents, and lighting, to sell "the memorable experience."

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